Italian AD Magazine Article

This feature on Asher's house appeared in Italian AD magazine this last May 2009. Pictured is my painting "Bavarian Kiss". See Press for the full Article.

Postcards From the Edge

"Postcards From The Edge" is an exhibiton of my new Postcard series. All the images are of a pre-war Iraq in the 1970's. The exhibiton opens on Tuesday August 25th at the MALKASTEN in DÜSSELDORF.  25th August - October 5th 2009

New Video

The new video "Golden Shower" is based my primeval series of painted faces and masks. Follow this link to see the film or look under my video section In the loop the boy finally becomes a Fountain continously spouting milk.... After Bruce Nauman's " Self portrait as Fountain" and Duchamp's "Fountain".....        

Malkasten Düsseldorf August 25th 2009

The Exhibition in Düsseldorf opens on Tuesday August 25th - 5th October 2009 at the "Malkasten"
The Malkasten operates like a small Kunstverein . There might be some surprises in the exhibition as I revisit my postcard theme.                


New Look Web-site

This is the new look web-site with a lot more opportunity to see my working practice. You can now find videos, reviews, new paintings and drawings, views of exhibitions as well as my "Spook-a-rama" catalogue. My next two exhibitions are in Düsseldorf and Cologne in the Autumn. There is still alot more things to post so watch this space. Enjoy!  Christopher

Films & Videos

If you would like to view my films both past and present then follow this link to YouTube.......

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Spook-a-rama Catalogue

The Catalogue from my latest exhibiton in New York, Spook-a-rama is available for free download. Please follow the following link.....



My one man show in New York, Spook-a-rama opened at Edelman Arts on Thursday 30th October . Named in honour of the former Ghost Train in Coney Island it featured  paintings, drawings, sculpture and video.

Big Small Works

There was a viewing of small works privately at Asher Edelman's, my galleriest in New York this spring called "BIG Small Work." It introduced some new themes including the painted faces.

Tales of Trust

"Tales of Trust" is an Album that is being released as a Solo Project by Pit Baumgartner from the band De Phazz. The songs, some of the titles and then the look of the Album were influenced by my series "Virgin Forest " .