Films & Videos

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Spook-a-rama Catalogue

The Catalogue from my latest exhibiton in New York, Spook-a-rama is available for free download. Please follow the following link.....



My one man show in New York, Spook-a-rama opened at Edelman Arts on Thursday 30th October . Named in honour of the former Ghost Train in Coney Island it featured  paintings, drawings, sculpture and video.

Big Small Works

There was a viewing of small works privately at Asher Edelman's, my galleriest in New York this spring called "BIG Small Work." It introduced some new themes including the painted faces.

Tales of Trust

"Tales of Trust" is an Album that is being released as a Solo Project by Pit Baumgartner from the band De Phazz. The songs, some of the titles and then the look of the Album were influenced by my series "Virgin Forest " .

Drive Thru Gallery, Aschersleben and Venice Biennale

On the Friday 1st of June 2007 I opened a Project in Aschersleben, a town that lies two hours south-west of Berlin. The curator Dr.Sonja Beeck from the Bauhaus Museum, Dessau devised a Drive Thru Gallery.