Artistic Statement

Through painting and drawing, both abstract and figurative, also through performances, installations and sculpture I reflect on my own environment and reality. Often experiences drawn from literature, science and film play an important role. Ultimately depicting narratives that are influenced by real and virtual worlds. In the series of works "Speculative Realism" I finally combined my figurative and abstract painting with installation, thus broadening my exploration of space and reality and extending my narratives beyond the canvas. Each series I create examines a specific issue. Other series include explorations of the primodial forest, the brutality of German fairytales and narratives of innocence and experience. Quantum theories of our universe and the boundaries of human thought fascinate me and have resulted in installations like “Mirror World Space Collider” (2018).

I am currently working on a new series that I’ve called my "Archipelago" project. The exhibition "Libertine Island" at the Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, (2019) was the first in a series of exhibitions I am devoting to the theme of islands. The second was “Archipelago of the Mind” (2021), an extensive solo museum exhibition at ZAK Center of Contemporary Art, Berlin. Here I had the opportunity for the first time to present together “Deep Forest Island”, “Libertine Island”, “Reality Island” and “Spook Island” with the map of the archipelago. Islands are associated with isolated cultures, coasts and different identities. Organisms develop and evolve in new directions when segregated, as Darwin was to discover on the Galapagos Islands. I develop my “Islands” as mind experiments - the different islands of each series reflecting different concepts and realities that are relevant to us all. I try to give the "classical art" of painting a new relevance in our world today. Painting is after all the oldest form of virtual reality that there is. Where human thought and emotion can take flight.

Flight,  2018, Acrylic on canvas, 110 x 200 cm

I have shown worldwide in museums and galleries and have work in many private and public collections which include AMMA Fundacion, Mexico City; Berlinische Galerie Museum, Berlin and The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, New York, USA. I have also exhibited at the following institutions: Museum Ludwig, Cologne; Nassau County Museum, New York; Le Crédac, Paris; Bauhaus Museum, Dessau (D); Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen (D); Gasworks, London; Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin; Heidelberg Kunstverein, Heidelberg (D); Lothringer 13, Munich and the REM Museum, Mannheim (D).

In 2015, Kerber Verlag published a large monograph of my work to mark 20 yeras of painting in Germany titled "Dizzyland, 20 Years in Germany". In 2021, Kerber published a second monograph titled "Archipelago of the Mind" in conjunction with my exhibtion at ZAK Center of Contemporary Art in Berlin

My wikipedia page can be found here : Christopher Winter

Berlin, 2022

Mirror World Space Collider 2018 - Site Specific Installation, Paintings, MDF Wood Sculptures, Perspex Mirrors, Acrylic, Glitter and Spray Paint + Anderson Planet Wallpaper

"Archipelago of the Mind" 2021 - The map with Christopher Winter at the exhibition at ZAK Center of Contemporary Art, Berlin