Tape Modern No.13, Berlin. Group Exhibition, Friday, January 15th 2010 7pm-4am.

I'll be showing my Manifesto paintings from the Special X artist Project in the group exhibition at Tape Modern No.13, Heidestrasse 14, 10557 Berlin.

In cooporation with Heidestrasse Galleries and Halle am Wasser openings.
Opening: Friday, January 15th 2009 7pm-4am.
Address: Heidestrasse 14, 10557 Berlin.

Tape Modern Berlin is pleased to invite you to our 2 years anniversary Exhibition event!

Guillaume Airiaud / Maxime Ballesteros / Patrick Cierpka / Dominique Faix / Will Handley / Marcus Knupp / Alexa Kreissl / Roman Kutzowitz / Melanie Manchot / Nik Nowak / Anton Stoianov / Tulip Enterprise / Ulrich Vogl / Kandis Williams / Christopher Winter

DJ and Spacial performance by Barbie Break Out

After Party:
I Heart Sharks (Live)
DJ Lars Lavendel