"Special X" Opening. Friday 21st September 2012 from 7pm, "Forelle",Südstern 6,10961 Berlin

Finally showing again with my Fictional Artists Group "Special X"! This exhibition showcases their new works "Slogans" which is their response to the current art climate. Looking forward to seeing you!         VIP Lounge Riot   Acrylic, Oil and Collage on canvas, 2012 150 x 200 cm              Stop Macho Painters   Acrylic, Oil and Collage on canvas, 2012 90 x 70 cm)

Special X  &  documentale 14 
documenta was yesterday. Now the documentale comes to Berlin. And with it  as a special guest the artist  group special x.

More extensive, desolate and important than Kassel, Karlsruhe or Miami Beach, the documentale 14 positions itself as the most important global exhibition of fictional international artists. Their latest edition will now be available in the heart of Berlin. "Low tide rather than High Tide " is this year's theme and the work of recent months has already shown it’s effects.
We are especially pleased exclusively in Berlin to have a joint exhibition with the artist group special x (Shiho Yuki (JN), Eva Nauman (D) and Christopher Winter (GB)),  which has had similar goals as the documentale since 2002. Together they focus on crisis, art and commerce and undermine places and institutions - sacretive, solipsive and subversive. special x will be showing their new series "slogans".

"A copy of the editions would certainly be an asset to your collection."
Annegret Erhard, in: Art and Auctions

"That's right, you heard correctly: Not documenta 13 but documentale 14.
Both want to sharpen our senses for the Arts, however the documentale undertakes this process with subversive wit and anarchic joy. "
Ernst A. Grandits in: 3sat culture time

So be sure not to miss this!
Friday 21st September 2012 from 7pm
in Forelle, the place for creative communication

We look forward to seeing you!
Südstern 6 │ 10961 Berlin
T. +49 30 74 07 36 92   F. +49 30 74 07 36 95
opening hours: Mon - Fri  11 am - 6 pm