April 2009

New Look Web-site

This is the new look web-site with a lot more opportunity to see my working practice. You can now find videos, reviews, new paintings and drawings, views of exhibitions as well as my "Spook-a-rama" catalogue. My next two exhibitions are in Düsseldorf and Cologne in the Autumn. There is still alot more things to post so watch this space. Enjoy!  Christopher


My one man show in New York, Spook-a-rama opened at Edelman Arts on Thursday 30th October . Named in honour of the former Ghost Train in Coney Island it featured  paintings, drawings, sculpture and video. At the opening a seance took place where the spirit of Hans Holbein was invited to make a drawing which he then did ! My Holbein Table was specially created to acheive this. www.edelmanarts.com

Press and Reviews

Please look in the menu for reviews in ART IN AMERICA,  MONOPOL or STERN Magazine

Films & Videos

If you would like to view my films both past and present then follow this link to YouTube.......

Go to http://www.youtube.com/ChristopherWinter00